Graced with her presence…

Terry was actually in the building this week! The most shocking part of it all was that she even addressed us.  The half-hour hall meeting was intended to provide an overview of the recent legislative session.  Her “speech” was mostly feel-good fluff, but the page full of financial funding measures did include a blurb referring to the WASL…… Apparently, OFM is going to be overseeing the agency’s WASL expenditures via an Interagency Agreement (I promise to dig the propaganda out of my recycle bin sometime soon and provide the specific text).  As Terry has no knowledge of the agency’s financial, fiscal, budget, accounting, and legal affairs, her ignorance started to irritate and I began correcting her in my head -just for fun.  But, I completely zoned out as soon as she began droning on about her love of Uri Treisman and the Dana Center.


2 responses to “Graced with her presence…

  1. I am enjoying your blog. I worked there for awhile too. Finally the legislature got some sense. Exactly how did she explain away that she now has to get a co-signer for the WASL money she wants to spend?

  2. tonefromthetop

    She glossed over it – the only explanation provided was via the one short sentence (in very small print) on the handout. I promise to REALLY dig through my recycle bin and post the goods.

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