Terry just waved her wand for a new $100K/year WASL-related position.

We would like to welcome a new staff member to the Division of Assessment and Student Information.  This Monday Christopher Hanczrik joined our team in a newly-created position as the Director of Assessment Operations.  Christopher’s responsibilities will be to direct the operational portion of the assessment system, including supervising the State Test Coordinator, Kimberly DeRousie.  Many of you may already know Christopher, who has resigned from Pearson and moved from Austin for the opportunity to work with us at OSPI.  While at Pearson, he has recently managed the reporting system on a contract with the State of Texas, but before that he was the project manager for the WASL program when the Riverside contract was phasing out and the Pearson contract was just beginning.  All of us who have worked with Christopher know him to be a very capable and extremely customer-oriented person. The new position Christopher is filling will give Robin Munson the opportunity to focus her fulltime efforts on issues related to student information and data analysis.  The scope of her work in this area has been expanding exponentially as we move forward with comprehensive student information systems and longitudinal databases.  The volume of work in this area shows no signs of diminishing, and requires more and more of Robin’s time.  Likewise, assessment operations have become increasingly complex, and will get even more so with the new assessment contracts. We didn’t want to get just anybody for this new position, and (to use a phrase appropriate for early April) feel we have “hit a home run” with Christopher.  He is really looking forward to working with us and with all of you.  As you get a chance to interact with Christopher, please welcome him to our state and to our work.

 Joe Willhoft, PhD

Assisitant Superintendent

Assessment & Student Information