Terry Bergeson is a Seagull Manager

She has a tendency to fly in, make a lot of noise, crap on everything, and then leave. I saw four people break into tears at work on Friday. It truly is a negative, stress-filled work environment. We have recently contracted with Sterling & Associates to perform a review of our administrative functionality. Yet, the Contractor is only interviewing staff at the director level. Terry is only focused on programs and does not acknowledge the work performed by (or the employees of) the administrative units such as information technology, human resources, financial services, etc. While in the assessment office, secretary’s have their own secretary’s, all administrative divisions share one administrative assistant per four managers. Terry continues to take money from the state-administrative fund (which should be be used to support administrative functions) to support program objectives. Our turnover is ridiculous because other state agencies are recruiting our administrative employees. Why continue to work at OSPI when you can have less stress and more job recognition at another agency? The result of Sterling’s review are going to be available within the next few weeks. If Terry chooses not to act on their recommendations, there could be some backlash, especially if the review becomes public fodder. On another note, I just heard that we are entering fiscal year 2009 (which commences July 1) three hundred thousand dollars in the hole.  


2 responses to “Terry Bergeson is a Seagull Manager

  1. You should have her read the new book Squawk! about a seagull manager who learns the hard way that his style is not the way to motivate people or get results. It’s a fun book and sounds like it’s written for her!

  2. Well that explains why OSPI’s exchange server sends out viruses to others in the state – and of course we couldn’t just block the crap from our idiot who blindly click on attachments, its from Terry – its Important!

    Of course OSPI’s IT department is not a program promoting her pet projects, who cares if they are pissing everyone else off.

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