Repeat offender!

I first saw the pea green suit jacket (paired with a knee-length black skirt) last Tuesday, July 29th, at the Summer Institutes general session. Thus, I was quite surprised when I ran into Bergeson at the Tacoma Convention Center -wearing the exact same outfit- two days later. Did I time warp? Was I seeing things? Was Terry adopting this getup as her new uniform? Although I was perplexed, I drove home and tried to let it go, all the while resisting the urge to blog about her crime of fashion. But, lo and behold, while flipping through the channels last night, I saw a flash. It was you know who wearing you know what. There she was, the lean, mean, green machine on TVW, engaged in a (pre-taped, July 19th) candidate forum.  Enough is enough. I love to rewear, but three 100% repeats in less than two weeks!? It may not be the worst fashion faux pas, but there are an assortment of different ways to wear a single garment of clothing. So, Terry, I challenge you to get creative. There is still plenty of time to publicly redeem yourself.


2 responses to “Repeat offender!

  1. Keep up the blog! I worked at OSPI for almost 8 years, left this past January. At least Terry has moved on from the horrid blue/purple suit she’s worn religiously for the past 12 years. Not that she needs to wear the new “it’ suit every day… I also read the post about the Director of Network Operations and his apologetic emails regarding network status. He’s a moron… so is his boss.

  2. I heard Terry say that she would fight for her staff. I wonder which ones she would really fight for and why. Why doesn’t she fight to keep the people that before they leave and stop having to hire new ones. Oh wait – that would mean she actually converses with her staff in a forum other than a hallway meeting. I wonder if she knows where people work in the building. hmmph

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