Bryan Chee, I am sorry

He’s held on almost 2 months, as TB sent this email in late August-

 “For those of you who did not meet Bryan Chee, special assistant to the superintendent, at the summer institute in late July, please drop by the executive office to greet him. Bryan will support me in all of my outreach activities, and work with cabinet members, executive staff members and others to provide stronger communication and policy coordination links to all of you and to our many external audiences.

Bryan comes to us from the Technology Alliance in Seattle, where he’s served as director for technology and education for the past seven years. He’s also been a program director in the Office of Educational Partnerships and Learning Technologies at the University of Washington, and an associate director of a technology program in the UW’s Office of Undergraduate Education. He holds a master’s degree in education from Seattle University and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of California-Davis.

I am thrilled to have someone with Bryan’s strong mix of business, technology and education experience joining our team.


Please join me in welcoming Bryan to OSPI!”


3 responses to “Bryan Chee, I am sorry

  1. Does he still work there?

  2. I hear he took over the Career and Technical program supervisor role as the main pusher for the Project Lead The Way vendor.

  3. I found out today Terry moved Chee to this new position to payoff the American Electronics Association lobby and their supporters. Jon Auldman is backing this to give Dorn a blackeye.

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