Monthly Archives: January 2009

Comings and goings…

So, Randy’s first official day. Whoo hoo. They had extra cleaning crew come in last night to scrub the skeez from Terry’s former office.  

Former Cabinet Member Corrine McGuigan, Terry’s favorite gal, was “let go” at the January Conference….in the hallway….in between presenting her sessions on leadership. Ouch. 

Yvonne Ryans lost her section a few weeks back. Professional development is gone. No Summer Institutes. No January Conference. She is still waiting for word on her future within the agency. I hope she stays.

Terry announced Howard Deleeuw as the new Director of Migrant and Bilingual.  I enjoy Howard. His desk is messier than mine. Apparently, a few in the migrant & bilingual community do not agree with Terry’s decision.

Yes, Mr. Chee was weaseled into the Project Lead the Way position.

Terry’s long-time assistant, Tony Montoya, is staying to work for Randy, even though he is eligible for retirement.  

Sadly enough, John Aultman is staying to oversee governmental relations.